1. Oscar Schindler’s Factory

Frame of move "Schondler's List"

Frame of move “Schindler’s List”

Schindler’s Factory is a place where Jewish people, who worked here during the World War II, were protected from Nazi Germans. It is worth to learn more informations about Schindler . The story of this man was an inspiration to create movie Schindler’s List, about him and Nazi occupation during World War II, directed by Steven Spielberg. Nowadays There is a museum – very unique museum. Sightseers can see, how Krakow Jewish habitant’s life looked like in those days. This place is unmissable of every Krakow Tours.





3. Jewish Ghetto

Memorial to Jews - victims of Nazi occupations

Memorial to Jews – victims of Nazi occupations. Each chair represents 1,000 people – victims.

Krakow Jewish Ghetto was established by Nazi Germans during World War II and it was one of five Jewish ghettos located in territory, which was occupied by Nazi Germans. It was the way to separate people, who were able to work from those, who were considered by Nazi-Germans as unworthy to live. Huge numbers of habitants of the Ghetto were deported to extermination camps, where they were killed, just because they were Jewish.








4.Old Synagogue

Old New Synagogue, - Jewish district - Krakow Tour

Old New Synagogue, – Jewish district – Krakow Tour

It is an orthodox Jewish synagogue, located in the Kazimierz district, and it is one of two Jewish temples in Krakow, where still masses are held.  Old Synagogue with the  Jewish cemetery adjacent to is priceless complex of Jewish architecture. The synagogue  was devastated during World War II. Nazi Germans were using this building as a magazine.  From 1954 to 1959 it was renovating and now there is a museum inhere.  This is very interesting place to add to the Krakow Tour.






5. New Square and Okraglak

New Square in Kazimierz district

New Square in Kazimierz district

This is very popular place, not only among the tourists but also among the local people, who can eat here “zapiekanki” which are considered as the best in the city. Tourists who are going to planing Krakow tours  should take this place into account and taste this Krakow rarity. New Square was used to be a marketplace of Jewish district.