Would you like to have some fun in the city? Here’s the list of things which you definitely have to do while you visit Krakow.

1. If you would like to learn something about the history of Poland and have fun at the same time – History Land is a perfect choice for you. In this amazing place you will find models, built with Lego, that present the most important historical events of the country. Thanks to technological innovations you will be able to experience these events as you were part of them. This is a great interactive activity for everyone who visit Krakow, not only for kids.

2. Krakow’s Zoo, located in a beautiful, green area of Wolski forest, is a lovely place, where you can spend a great afternoon with your family or friends and just relax. It’s a great idea to go there with kids – they will be fascinated to see all of the amazing animals from around the world.

3. Another place, where you can have a lot of fun, is the Mirror Labyrinth. Among countless mirrors, in this complicated system of corridors, you will have to find the way out as soon as possible. Test your concentration and try not to get confused by your own reflection.

4. Do you enjoy being scared? If yes, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the Fear Factory. It is the place, dedicated not for the faint of heart, where you will feel like you are one of the main characters of some horror movie. Unforgettable experience of your fear in the most exciting place in Krakow.

5. Have you ever tried to throw an ax for fun? If not, you have this opportunity in Krakow, by the Wawel Castle. Ax Nation offers this special activity under the guidance of professionals, who will show you the art of throwing an ax. It may sound strange but it is also a unique way to have fun and face the challenge with your friends. If you visit Krakow, you just have to do something crazy.

6. Another great place of recreation in Krakow is Gokarting center. Rent a vehicle and enjoy adventurous tracks. There are also organized competitions and tournaments for more experienced riders. Moreover, you can also have fun with your children, as there are special go-karts for kids.

7. Laser Park in Krakow is a place, where you can enjoy another version of traditional paintball. The difference is that in this laser game you don’t shoot with painful and dirty balls, but with harmless light beam. It can be great entertainment for both adults and children.

8. For those, who would like to visit Krakow and feel an incredible adrenaline rush, we definitely recommend bungee jumping, that you can find near the city center. You can do it by your own or with another daredevil. There is also possibility to order the photos and Go Pro video of your unforgettable jump.

9. In Krakow you will definitely have an occasion to travel by trams. How about traveling and partying at the same time? Party Tram is an original way to have a good time with your friends while you visit Krakow. You can dance and have drink while travelling through the beautiful city.