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Sukiennice on Krakow Main Square

KrakowTourist is a website, where you can find  information about the most interesting and important places to see in Krakow and area of the Krakow. You can also find here the best options to travel in southern Poland  – area of Krakow. You will find some advice, about places that are worth to seeing and if You don’t have enough time to see all the town, we will give You some tips, where you should go at first. If You are looking for some kind of place to spend a lovely evening You will find some propositions here.





Cultural Capital of Poland

Sukiennice and st Mary’s Basilica by night

The real capital of Poland is Warsaw but Krakow is called a Cultural Capital of Poland. Krakow is the most popular city in Poland, especially among foreign tourist. This city is visited by millions every year. The tourist season lasts whole year. It’s no matter, if it is winter or summer.  When you walking down the Florianska Street you’re hearing so many different languages! It’s just amazing! There are crowds all the time, but this makes that the city is full of positive energy. Even by night it is still alive, it seems like people that live here would like to celebrate something every evening. This city never falls asleep.




Romantic Krakow by night – everything could happen 😉





Walking down the streets,  you’re watching laughing people, who are talking and relaxing in pub’s and restaurant’s gardens. More over, on every corner of Market Square you can hear music, not only from this pubs and restaurant but what is charming, from Krakow  traditionally  musicians. Or even more popular polish music groups like Krakow Street Band, playing blues music for surprised passer-bys. And there are also many also foreign musicians playing on the streets, just for fun and sometimes they are very famous musicians in Europe but (what is funny) they were unrecognised inhere.  You can meet a lady who is selling red rouses to couples in love, or see the happy couple waiting in front of church. This makes Krakow unique and very romantic city.




Krakow Tours


Kazimierz District in Krakow – lovely restaurant’s gardens

If it comes to sightseeing, though  Krakow isn’t a big town (look at the map) there are so many important and interesting places for tourist, that it is impossible to see everything in one day, or even one weekend!

This is some of this places:

  • Wawel Royal Castel
  • St. Mary’s Basilica on Krakow Main Square
  • St, Mary’s Tower
  • The Cloth Hallon Main Square
  • Oscar Schindler’s Factory
  • The Barbican and St. Forian’s Gate
  • Church of St. Florian
  • Krzysztofory Palace
  • Szeroka Street
  • Wolnica Square and the City Hall of Kazimierz



Kazimierz in Krakow

This is just a small pieces of what You can see in Krakow.  There are a lot of places which are worth to seeing, for many reasons. This beautiful town have also very interesting history.

Krakow-The Barbican




There are also many interesting surroundings of Krakow are definitely worth to visit:

  • Auschwitz Birkenau Museum
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Zakopane
  • Wadowice
  • Ojcow National Park

You can visit those places booking a tour with one of the travel companies existing in Krakow. There are also public buses or trains going often from the main station.